Anabolic androgenic steroid

Nandrolone - history and pharmacological characteristics

Nandrolone - it is a well-known and popular all over the world steroid, which is greatly appreciated by amateur sports for a quick and good results in building muscle mass. According to its pharmacological characteristics of this drug is very similar to testosterone, but is less pronounced androgenic characteristics. Many athletes prefer nandrolone, precisely because it has no reception on the body of negative side effects, while the person has a beautiful muscular relief, and a significant increase in the indicators of strength and endurance.

Historical reference

The first mention of this prescription drug, dated 1962 year. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies Organon was the pharmacological designer of the drug. This giant released the drug under the trade brand Deca - Durabolin. The developers explained that the steroid is a derivative product from established much earlier Nandrolone product, which is produced exclusively in the form of injections. The difference was that in the new formulation has been used for ester 10 carbon atoms.

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After conducting all necessary clinical studies, the developers released Nandrolone at the mass consumer market. A positive role in creating the image of the steroid has played the huge popularity of the company Organon. Due to this fact, the drug very quickly went beyond a strictly medical purpose and is becoming one of the most popular anabolic hormone in athletes all over the world.

Use in medicine

Building muscle mass - is not the only area of ​​application of Nandrolone. It is actively used in various medical practices. This drug frequently prescribed to patients with the following illnesses:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Oncology (breast cancer)
  • Significant weight loss
  • Disorders geriatric nature
  • After the burn rehabilitation
  • Injuries of varying degrees
  • Anemia
  • Stopping the growth in children
  • Dystrophy
  • Heart attacks
  • A significant loss of calcium from bone

Initially, the drug was sold in a standard dose - 50 milligrams. This was because nandrolone was administered only in small doses. Over time, medical practice requires more doses, and the drug begin to produce 100 milligrams. Very often large doses were required for the treatment of anemia and breast cancer. However, the development company does not stop there, and eventually to the consumer market comes at a dosage of 200 miligramm of Nandrolone.

The most active steroid use in medical practice lasted for 60 - 70 years. In the early 80 ‘s using Nandrolone has been seriously revised by FDA special commission. It was not just the United States but also all the other countries where the drug was imported. In a new statement on the use of steroids it has been said that it may have some positive effect for the following diseases:

  • The age osteoporosis
  • The pituitary dwarfism
  • Mammary cancer
  • Anemia

In today's world, little has changed, but now the instructions for use of the drug recommends the use of Nandrolone is exclusively for the treatment of certain forms of anemia. Despite this fact, in the US HIV- infected people very actively use the drug to preserve muscle. In other countries, a steroid, and is actively used to fight breast cancer and osteoporosis.

It should be noted that in recent years have begun to actively produce nandrolone in many corners of the globe under the slightly modified name.